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Peter MacKay Motorsport

Aspiring Motorsport commentator, podcaster and writer

My love affair with Motorsport began during childhood, watching Colin McRae win the World Rally Championship in 1995. Forget Batman, Superman or Luke Skywalker, as far as I was concerned Colin McRae was the ultimate super hero.

Motorsport has been an obsession throughout my life but has always remained a hobby around my work in scotch whisky sales. As a sales director, I have been fortunate to travel all over the globe.

My most valuable professional skill is the ability to perform entertaining and informative presentations to large crowds.

Over my career, I have built a reputation as one of the finest speakers in the scotch whisky industry.

Recently, while reflecting on what makes me truly happy in life I very quickly came to a simple conclusion. Motor racing. Dozens of hours of my week are spent watching, reading about and listening to motor sport. Every day is consumed with constant thought about motor racing.

When considering my skills, I feel I have a very fortunate combination of strong knowledge of global motor sport but also a highly effective ability to performance to a crowd under pressure.

My experience of performing thus far provides me a great foundation to deliver engaging, informative and ,crucially, entertaining commentary.

Earlier this year, I launched the Peter MacKay Motorsport podcast. Hosting and producing the programme is hugely stimulating and has lit the touch paper to finally pursue my dream to become a motor racing commentator.

My site showcases my work on the Peter MacKay Motorsport podcast and also my writing on motor sport.

My clear ambition is to become the definitive multi discipline commentator for major motor sports around the world.