Peter MacKay Motorsport


My love affair with motorsport began in 1995. As I marvelled at Colin McRae sliding his Subaru Impreza through the Welsh forests to win the World Rally Championship, a life long passion ignited. Forget Batman, Superman or Luke Skywalker, As far as I was concerned, Colin McRae was my super hero.

Motorsport has been an obsession throughout my life. After a fulfilling decade in the Scotch Whisky Industry, I am proud to say that my passion is now also my profession. 

My most valuable professional skill is performing entertaining and informative presentations to large crowds. Over my career in scotch whisky, I built a reputation as one of the industries finest speakers.

I possess a fortunate combination of strong knowledge of motorsport and the ability to perform under pressure.

My experience of performing provides the ideal foundation to deliver engaging, informative and crucially, entertaining commentary. To hear me in action, check out my commentary portfolio: https://www.petermackaymotorsport.com/client-showreel  

Last year, I launched the Peter MacKay Motorsport podcast. Hosting and producing the programme is hugely stimulating and ignited my dream to become a motor racing commentator. Thus far, I have interviewed Le Mans winners, a British touring car champion, legendary commentators, a national motorcycle champion and many more.

Discover every episode of the Peter MacKay Motorsport podcast, my commentary performances and published articles here on www.petermackaymotorsport.com

To book me for commentary, pit lane reporting, event hosting and much more contact me via: https://www.petermackaymotorsport.com/contact



Client TestImonial


Daniel Ponzini: Motorsport and Brand Partnerships Manager - Porsche Cars Canada 


"In 2020, Porsche Cars Canada, Ltd. decided to start a digital race series for the first time – the Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Canada. Peter was instrumental in bringing life to the program with his creative narrative during our live stream races – truly pumping an entirely new sense of realism to a digital race series. He impressed by directing the conversation, his sense of professionalism, as well as familiarity with the brand with very specific details. He is very talented and would be a great fit for many opportunities. I look forward to the next time we can work together!"


Joe Peak : Owner and Producer - The Global Sim Racing Channel

"Having run a sim racing broadcasting channel for nearly 8 years, I've come across numerous people who have wanted to toss their hat in the ring of motorsports commentary. Few have been as passionate and as knowledgeable as Peter MacKay. Not only does he have a practically encyclopaedic knowledge of racing history, but his delivery on air is endlessly charming and entertaining. His impressive dedication to arrive prepared has allowed me to place him on any series we cover on the Global Sim Racing Channel without worry. I believe anyone who puts their trust in Peter to commentate or host an event will be well rewarded with a show to be proud of."

Mark Phillips - Porsche Club Great Britain 


"There’s only one way to put it — Peter MacKay IS the voice of Porsche Club GB’s sim racing championship. Commenting on what is happening in a race is a skill that boggles the mind, but Peter adds to that a never-ending knowledge of tracks, cars, drivers and the history binding them together. Informing and educating would be so dry without a dose of humour, and much to our enjoyment Peter brings fantastic entertainment to our live race broadcasts. He is one of the very best, and we wouldn’t want to be without him."