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Radio Show Limited 

Radio Le Mans is an institution in endurance racing broadcasting. When I set out on my journey as a commentator, the 24 hours of Le Mans was a major target. Thanks to the support and faith of Eve Hewitt and John Hindhaugh, that dream has become a reality. On top of a commentary role at the 2021 24 hours of Le Mans on Hagerty Radio Le Mans, Radio Show Limited have kindly welcomed me onto the commentary team for the Nurburgring 24 hours, Sebring 24 hours, Dubai 24 hours, Nurburgring Langstrecken Series and various high profile Esports events. 

I am privileged to work with such a major name in the world of sports car racing.



WRC Promoter - Stage end reporter - European Rally Championship


 "In March 2022, I joined the WRC+ All Live production team to work as a stage end reporter for the opening round of the European Rally Championship in Fafe, Portugal. Since then, I have interviewed drivers for WRC promoter's revolutionary All Live program on Rally Azores, Rally Islas Canarias, Rally Poland and Rally Liepaja."

Find out more on  

Knockhill comms box.jpg

Knockhill Racing Circuit

Knockhill is known as Scotland's national motor racing centre. However, I believe it is far more significant than that. Knockhill is the heart of our sport in Scotland and provides a platform for Scottish racers to follow in the foot steps of Jim Clark, Sir Jackie Stewart, Steve Hislop, Colin McRae, Alan McNish and so many more. 

As a child, visits to Knockhill for the British Touring Car Championship played a critical role in igniting a passion which has become a profession.

I have enjoyed the privilege of providing commentary for the following events at Knockhill:

Grant Construction stages rally

5 Nations Rallycross 

Caterham Festival

Classic Sports Car Club

British Sprint Championship

David Leslie Trophy - Scottish Formula Ford

Jock Taylor Trophy - Molson British Sidecars
KMSC - Scottish Motorcycle Racing
Super Lap Scotland - Time Attack
Scottish Legend cars Championship
Northern Saloon and Sports Car Championship
BTRDA Rallycross


Lead Commentator - World Touring Car Series - Race Spot TV

Lead Commentator: IMSA iRacing Triple Crown Challenge


Lead Commentator: PorscheSport Carrera Cup on Racespot TV

Peter: " is the world's leading independent Porsche motor racing news site. To be chosen by them to lead the commentary for their prestigious new Carrera Cup series is a huge privilege. 

The production quality of the series broadcast brings the virtual and real world closer than ever before. 

After just one round, viewership for the series is already at record levels. I can' wait for round two!"

Lead Commentator : Porsche Esports Sprint Challenge Canada

Peter: "Porsche have built an enviable reputation for desirable and durable, high performance vehicles. My belief is that the companies commitment to motor sport is a crucial factor in this success.

Porsche have embraced the e-sports phenomenon with gusto and understand it's relevance in the motor racing world. 


To lead the commentary for this Sprint Challenge series, on behalf of a brand like Porsche, is a privilege."

Commentator: The Hyper X Lionheart Indianapolis 500 - iRacing e-Sports Network

Peter: "The Indianapolis 500 is regarded by many as the greatest sporting event on earth. With 250,000 permanent seats, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway provides a vast amphitheatre for race fans to marvel over the bravest drivers in motor sport.

In the virtual racing world, the Indianapolis 500 commands the same respect and following. The Lionheart IndyCar series was launched in 2014 in memory of the late Dan Wheldon. Today, the series is the premier open wheel series in the virtual racing world.

Joining GSRC legend Bill 'Soup' Zahn and Indianapolis 500 podium finisher and IndyCar race winner, Richie Hearn, in the commentary box, was a privilege."

Lead Commentator: Ricmotech GT Challenge, Sports Car Series and Classic Sprint Series

Peter: "Monday night, is Ricmotech night! During the Summer of 2020, I was selected to lead the commentary for three sim racing series organised by Xtreme Motorsports and title sponsored by Ricmotech high performance sim racing equipment. 

I feel privileged to commentate on such a professionally run series, every Monday night."

Commentator - The International Sim Racing Challenge

Peter: "iRacing is the leading simulation programme in the world with 170,000 members and nearly 3 billion laps completed on the service. With such a loyal following, broadcasting races live is a key part of the iRacing experience. iRacing's esports network boasts large audiences and professional production values. To be selected for the commentary team for the inaugral International Sim Racing Challenge is incredibly exciting." 

Pit lane reporter: IMSA Challenge Series

Peter: "IMSA ranks highly amongst my favourite racing series. Following a memorable trip to the Rolex 24 hour at Daytona in January 2020, my appreciation of the series grew further. To be chosen for the pit lane reporter role for IMSA's new challenge series on iRacing is humbling."

The IMSA iRacing challenge series is broadcast live on the Global Sim Racing Channel where Peter is part of the commentary team.

Commentator: Throwback 400 Invitational at Darlington, Presented by Dynamic Autosports

Peter: "NASCAR continues to hold its place as one of the world's most popular motor racing series. In the United States, NASCAR boasts an enormous fanbase. NASCAR were a relatively early adopter of sim racing and the virtual equivalent to the NASCAR Cup Series has been running for a number of years. The Coca Cola eNascar Series boasts professional teams and drivers.

To be entrusted to commentate on the Throwback 400 Invitational was a real privilege. As a commentator, there is nothing better than calling a race with the very best drivers in the world taking part."  

Commentator: Porsche Owners Club Sim Racing League

Peter: "Porsche's heritage is intertwined with motor sport. Since the days of original Porsche Spyder, owners have taken their vehicles to the track from the grass roots level, all the way to victory lane at Le Mans"

Commentator: WTF1 10th Anniversary Charity Race

Peter: "Over the last decade, WTF1 has injected new life into coverage of the world's premier motorsport category. With a clear mission to appeal to a younger audience, WTF1 has carved it's niche in the sport.

I was delighted to be chosen to commentate on the WTF1 10th anniversary charity race. Best of all, £16000 was raised for the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital."

Commentator: 2.4 Hours of Le Mans presented by PTRL

Peter: "For me, Le Mans week is like Christmas! Arguably, The 24 hours of Le Mans is the world's greatest race. In said argument, I would be in the 'arguments for' camp! 

Portugal has produced a number of fantastic drivers like Filipe Albuquerque, Pedro Lamy, Joao Barbosa and many more. Therefore, to commentate on this event including some of Portugal's finest drivers was a joy."

Commentator: 25th Weekend Warriors vRunoffs

Peter: "In the United States, the SCCA runoffs are the crown jewel in the amateur racing calendar. The Spec Racer Ford has been a part of the furniture in SCCA racing for generations.

Thanks to iRacing and the Weekend Warriors, the Spec Racer Ford plays a vital role in competitive club motorsport in the virtual world too."

Commentator: Lionheart Retro Series on the iRacing eSports network

Peter: "One of my favourite aspects of commentating on top level sim racing is the exposure to real world racing drivers. The Lionheart Retro Series welcomes real world Indy Car drivers from past and present. Due to the rapid advances in sim racing technology in both software and hardware, the gap between virtual and real world motorsport has never been closer."

Commentator: Porsche Club Great Britain Sim Racing

Peter: "To be trusted to commentate for such a prestigious organisation like the Porsche Club, is a joy. Online sim racing continues to grow and I always look forward to calling the races live for the Porsche Club GB's sim racing championship."

Commentator: Apex Racing TV

Peter: "Sim racing's popularity has exploded since the lockdown of 2020. We are now far beyond the point of a video game and now in real simulation territory. Grand Prix drivers like Lando Norris and Max Verstappen are vocal advocates of the technology. Commentating on sim racing is a vital part of what I do and requires all the same skills as real world racing does."

Apex Racing TV are a leading sim racing broadcaster with daily live broadcasts on professional level races.

Commentator: Racing Edge SimRacing Series 

Peter: "Racing Edge is a hub for rare race and classic cars. On the Racing Edge site, some of the world's scarcest race cars can be found for sale. Racing Edge also have a significant presence in the sim racing world and I am delighted to be commentating on their latest series."


Visit Racing Edge's site for more information: (

Lead presenter: The Porsche Sport Podcast

Peter: " is the number one independent website for Porsche motorsport.


Porsche's motorsport heritage is unrivalled. The German marque have scored more outright wins than any other manufacturer at the 24 hours of Le Man, Rolex 24 hour at Daytona and 12 hours of Sebring.

To be chosen to lead the weekly Porsche Sport Podcast, is very satisfying indeed.

Commentator: iRacing Lotus 79 Series from Virginia International Raceway

Peter: "The Lotus 79 revolutionised Formula 1 with its ground effect technology helping Mario Andretti to the 1978 Formula 1 World Championship. Powered by the iconic Cosworth DFV motor, the Lotus 79 arguably remains the zenith of Formula 1. Thanks to the extraordinary technology showcased on the iRacing simulator, drivers can take the simulated Lotus 79 to tracks never seen by the 79 during its service.

Virginia International Raceway, or VIR as it is affectionately known, was brought back to life in 2000 after 25 years of dormancy. Today, the track is a world class motor sports facility. Yet, the layout of the track remains fiercely loyal to the original layout crafted in 1957 by the Strickland brothers.

While the Lotus 79 devastated the Formula one field, VIR lay dormant. This incredible car and track never met in real life. Thanks to the beauty of sim racing, they now can.

This particular race exhibited some of the finest wheel to wheel racing I have commentated on so far." 

Commentator: PTSD Awareness 250 at Talladega

Peter: "Sim Racers For Mental Health organise monthly events to raise awareness for different mental health conditions.

PTSD is a condition that impacts the lives of so many families. Soldiers, police officers, firefighters and many other service people give their full commitment to serve their country. Unfortunately, the harrowing realities of their daily work can dramatically impact psychological well being and destroy their private lives.

However, PTSD is still a condition which remains an all too widespread problem. Treatment and support services can always improve and raising awareness is a small step to help this campaign."

Commentator: Precision Racing League NASCAR Truck Series

Peter: "My clear ambition is to become the definitive multi-discipline motor racing commentator in the world. Part of this journey involves branching out to many different forms of motorsport. In the United States, NASCAR affiliated oval racing series rule the roost. As part of my work with the Global Sim Racing Channel, I have built new experience commentating on this fascinating form of motorsport.

As a commentator, I relish the challenge to introduce a new audience to a category they may not be familiar with."

12 Hours of Snetterton Charity Marathon

Peter: "In conjunction with Porsche Club Great Britain, a group of keen racers gathered to drive for 12 hours consecutively on My role for the marathon was to provide commentary, production and broadcast for all 12 hours. £3000 was raised for the NHS and good fun was had by all. For me personally, the event was an excellent test of my endurance racing commentary skills."

The entire race was broadcast on the PeterMacKayMotorsport Twitch channel and on The Peter MacKay Motorsport Podcast livecast.

Co-host of The Knockhill Racing Circuit Podcast

Peter: "Knockhill racing circuit has played a pivotal part in my passion for motorsport. Trips to the British Touring Car Championship,when I was 8 years old, were always highlight of the year for me. I am delighted to be co-hosting Knockhill's new podcast and joining their commentary team in 2020."

Pit Lane Reporter - The Blue Collar Brickyard

Peter: "The United States is the epicentre of stock car racing and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the holy grail of motorsport. 'The Blue Collar Brickyard' ran to pay tribute to America's blue collar workers. I was honoured to take part in this broadcast."

Commentator: PRL GT4 Clubsport Series at Watkins Glen

Peter: "GT4 has rapidly grown in popularity in both real and virtual racing. With much closer links to the road going machine, these race cars are much more relatable to fans and amateur drivers alike.

The PRL Clubsport series utilises the Porsche 718 GT4 and the BMW M4 for this event at Watkins Glen on the iRacing simulator."

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