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Post festive survival kit: 4 podcasts to carry you along the journey home from Christmas

With all the anticipation for the drive to the destination of Christmas festivities, often the journey blurs into a flash of excitement and building thirst for that first festive libation. However, the journey home, laden with an expanded waistline and a hangover, is often a far less pleasurable affair. Worry not though, weary traveller. Below is a list of episodes of The Peter MacKay Motorsport Podcast to carry you home and provide instant relief from the offense on the senses that is, Christmas music.

Colin McRae: Icon of Scottish Motorsport

A tribute to the most famous rally driver of all time. Star of the smash hit, Colin McRae Rally video game series, Colin was almost superhuman behind the wheel too. To this day, Colin McRae remains the youngest ever World Rally Champion but is most remembered for his flamboyant, flat out driving style. This episode tells the story of Colin’s career, including the dramatic conclusion to the 1995 season where the Lanarkshire man snatched the title from arch rival, Carlos Sainz.

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Rossi’s Rivals: Laguna Seca 2008 v Casey Stoner

Arguments will rumble on forever on who is the greatest motorcyclist of all time. Agostini? Duke? Hailwood? Doohan? Marquez? McGrath? Dunlop? Roberts? Spencer? A case can be made for riders from a multitude of motorcycling disciplines. However, what is incontestable, is that Valentino Rossi is the most famous motorcyclist of all time. Attend any Moto GP race, even in enemy territory on Spanish soil and you will be met with a sea of yellow VR46 apparel, proudly worn by his army of admirers. Of course, such popularity has been cultivated through spectacular performances over a career spanning more than two decades.

During his time in the premier class of motorcycle road racing, Valentino Rossi has come up against many bitter rivals. Max Biaggi, Jorge Lorenzo, Sete Gibernau and Marc Marquez have all locked horns with Rossi, with varying degrees of success.

Arguably Valentino Rossi’s toughest adversary, was Casey stoner. Bursting onto the Moto GP scene in 2006, the Australian’s command over a motorcycle was mesmerising. In 2007, he became world champion, aboard the tricky, yet rapid, Ducati Desmosedici. He remains the only world champion in the Moto GP era, to win on the Bologna built machine.

Having dethroned Rossi in 2007, Casey Stoner was the man with the target on his back in 2008. Stoner’s imperious skill and opposing personality to the extrovert Italian entertainer, ensured the two men would clash, on and off the track.

Rossi’s rivalry with Stoner culminated in a momentous battle around the dusty, undulating curves of Laguna Seca in California in 2008. Stoner demonstrated his commanding position by topping every session in practice and qualifying. All of which under the lap record. Heading into the race no one gave Valentino Rossi, who had qualified 2nd, a chance. The people’s champion quipped during the Saturday evening media scrum that he would need “a 30 second head start and a gun” to beat Stoner on Sunday. Classic Rossi mind games.

This episode tells the story of this titanic battle and how Valentino Rossi turned the tables when his chips were down.

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Interview with Rory Butcher

Scotland has produced a disproportionate number of special drivers given the tiny population. Between 1963 and 1973, Scotsmen won the Formula 1 World Championship on five occasions.

Although, Scotland’s representation in the pinnacle of motor racing has faded, the saltire flag is still flown in other categories.

One such Scot, who is carrying on the legacy of great Scottish drivers, is Rory Butcher. Son of Derek Butcher, owner of Knockhill racing circuit and brother in law of BTCC all-star, Gordon Shedden, Rory’s family roots are intertwined in motorsport.

In this episode, the 2019 BTCC independents champion, generously shares a number of stories from his career so far and what he wishes to achieve in future.

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E-Sports : Motor racing for all

Motor racing is dangerous. Every ticket to a competitive event will display this very important message. A reminder to those attending that if they are granted the privilege to get up close to vehicles travelling at high speed, they should do so carefully and responsibly.

However, another warning could be displayed on the ticket, for those considering having a go themselves. Motorsport is outrageously and ruinously expensive.

But, as we approach the turn of a new decade, a far more cost effective route into competitive motorsport exists. A whole new category of motorsport now exists in the virtual world for those who wish to compete but are prevented from doing so due to cost or due to the lack of opportunity.

E Sports are a phenomenon in modern motor racing. All real world Formula 1 team’s now employ full time drivers for their virtual E-Sport Formula 1 team. Prize funds are bountiful and competition is constant.

Those wishing to compete, can install a video game system with steering wheel and pedals for less cost than a set of club racing tyres. Once up and running, competitors can race wheel to wheel with rivals all over the world, in a matter of minutes. No scheduled sessions are necessary, just click and race.

This episode explores the significance of E-Sports and what they mean for the motorsport industry.

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